January 31, 2017 glimpse_team

Smart Bar Technology to Enhance Operations

For the past 50 or so years, our society has been racing towards a digital economy. Just about everyone has a smartphone now, and you would be hard-pressed to find anyone without an email address. Whether you like it or not, running a business nowadays must be up to date with the times to keep up with the trends of consumers. For example, consumers can look on their phones to see the wait times at local salons or restaurants. The advancement of technology has allowed consumers to expect much more from their products and services, convenience and ease of use have never before been demanded so highly. For restaurants and bars, this means providing the best possible experience; quickly and easily. There are some great ways to incorporate new bar technology into the operation of your bar or restaurant. Here are some of the top ways to leverage technology to increase proficiency and profitability.

Bar Technology for Tableside Ordering

According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, roughly 68% of all adults own a smartphone, and 45% own a tablet. These numbers continue to rise substantially each and every year. With more and more individuals regularly using smartphones and tablets, why not incorporate that bar technology into your restaurant? Your staff can use smart devices to order the food and drinks before they even leave the table or allowing diners to order on tableside tablets can dramatically speed up the dining experience. By speeding up the process, that means turning more tables per night, which equals more profits. Diners will also be happier with less wait time, especially in the fast-casual settings.

Mobile Payments

Continuing with the theme of speed and convenience, mobile payments have now become second nature to many consumers. Contactless card transactions and mobile wallets, like Apple Pay, have become increasingly popular and many Millennials may not always carry cash with them but will have their smartphones with them. Giving your customers a variety of options to pay for their food and drinks is important. Mobile payment apps allow diners to view and settle their bill at their convenience, which speeds up the process of dining out.

Using the CloudPOS systems for bars and restaurants

This does so much more than just provide a method for customer transactions. The systems collect valuable data that is essential to the running of the business like food and beverage inventory, customer information, daily transactions and more. Backing this information up with available bar technology is vitally important because accidents or theft can happen at any time. Optimizing your POS system to backup automatically to the Cloud can save your valuable information and invaluable amounts of time in a worst-case scenario.

Employee Activity Tracking System

Ensuring that your employees are providing the best possible service and experience for your customers is perhaps the most important aspect. Integrating a video analysis system is the best measure that you can take to be sure that your employees are performing their best and complying with established standard operating procedures. Unaccounted sales, inconsistent service, and other factors can be detrimental to operations.

Glimpse provides video analysis for restaurants and bars with irrefutable ‘at risk’ reports to help improve employee behavior, work process efficiency and the ability to maximize the POS system to capture all potential revenue. Glimpse generates reports that identify areas of lost revenue or risk and provides clients with reports that include time-stamped images that match up to POS records. Reports from the video analysis that can be used to prevent losses and recognize your best-performing employees. By utilizing employee activity monitoring software, owners and managers are able to easily identify, through the audited reports, strong employees and provide a great learning tool for less accomplished employees. Employee performance can easily be tracked and can be improved upon. To learn more about how Glimpse can improve the operation of your bar or restaurant and help capture all revenue, visit https://www.glimpsecorp.com/contact/.

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